A media agency can help you a great deal, especially if you have no clue about selling yourself and your ideas. You can be the greatest writer of all, and still struggle to make money with your blog, website or book, unless you also have some good selling skills and some connections.

By hiring a media agency, you can have the peace of mind that you can only focus on writing and on improving your craft, as the selling is going to be done by someone else. As this other person is usually a skilled seller, you are going to receive more advertising and sponsorship contracts than you could bring on your own. This is why, if you have an e-book, a blog, a website or another type of online magazine, you should find a good media agency to sell your advertising space to their clients. The agency is going to take a fee, but it’s going to be well worth it, as you’ll be left with a lot more money than before.

This article will explain you how I’ve managed to find an excellent media agency to represent me. Feel free to follow my method, to see if it works for you. Most probably, it’s going to work, so let’s get started.

First of all, I’ve prepared a professional media kit for my blog. I’ve included my traffic numbers and my social media followers count, as well as brief profile of my readers. Next, I searched online for media agencies, and I wrote down their contact details and their websites. Then I took a look at all those websites, in order to see the client portfolio and the range of services provided by each of these companies. I removed all those that didn’t appear to be too experienced, as well as those that were too far away from me. I always like to meet my service providers in person, so my media agency has to be local. Besides, going for a local company like Vision Ranking Media means you have more chances to sell your site to clients in your city, as these media experts are usually very well connected. They network a lot, this being the reason why they happen to know a lot of people. If I were to go out as much as to meet all these persons, I’d never have enough time to work on my website, so this is definitely out of the question. I prefer to have an agency to represent me and to make my work known to as many potential advertisers as possible.

Once I’ve got my final list, I’ve sent all these companies my media kit, together with an inquiry to become business partners. You may not believe it, but I’ve got four replies from four excellent companies. This allowed me to compare all offers, in order to pick the best deal. This was easy, but you should be aware that it still took me about one week.